New South African McDonald’s Ad: Not Lovin’ It

Mc Donalds Commercial

This new South African McDonald’s Ad was meant to be touching.

A feel-good kind of ad to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about eating McDonald’s food. Unfortunately, they went about it in a not so tasteful way.

Everybody Has Got Something to Give

According to the ad agency:

“Based on the premise that everybody has got something to give, we set out to spread happiness with this live stunt commercial. No actors, just a real orphanage and old age home, and one take to get the moment. The TVC has already been awarded Best of McDonald’s TVC for 2012/13 by some of the top McDonald’s Creative Directors from around the world.”

There’s a number of things that are going on with this ad that make feel uncomfortable.

  • Using the marginalized people of society to sell a product–what has McDonald’s done for these people? (Maybe a lot, I don’t know.)
  • Over simplification of “happiness”

What do you think?

I’m not lovin’ it.


  1. says

    While it’s typical of sweet syrupy advertising that I don’t always enjoy I didn’t find the racial thing upsetting. I’ve been travelling to South Africa annually for over a decade and am constantly amazed at the level of forgiveness coloureds and blacks have extended to whites. I think this ad captures that beautifully.

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