A Look at Prostitution Statistics

prostitution stats

Did you know that prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession?

Most people believe they have a secure handle on what exactly prostitution is, but do they?

Check out these prostitution statistics:

prostitution stats statistics

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What happens when you legalize prostitution?

It makes fighting sex trafficking that much more difficult as the two are inseparable. If you don’t believe me, perhaps retired New Scotland Yard Detective Roddy Sergeant Roddy Llewellyn will connivence you.

SOURCE: Online Schools | TOP IMAGE: Linh Nguyen


  1. Felicity Maera-Wallace says

    Oh really? Trafficking and sex work are the same thing when you legalise sex work? Well please explain the fact that sex work has been fully legal in NZ since 2003, with zero increase in trafficking. Your statistics and facts are laughable.

    This is yet another shonky attempt to criminalise and victimise people who choose sex work, especially women. The stats in fact show the safest envifonment for sex workers is one where the work is legal. And far from increasing trafficking, it doesn’t even increase the number of sex workers.

  2. Eileen says

    Amen, The only way to dry up that type of exploitation is on the demand, rather than, supply side. And that seems impossible given the general attitudes.

    • says

      Yes and no. I agree, the demand does needs to come to an end, but that still doesn’t address one of the foundational issues that lends to the problem—poverty. We really have to work both ends. And you’re certainly right about the general cultural attitudes as well. Thanks, Eileen! 😀

      • Jennfer France says

        So I’m doing a paper on this very thing and seriously thought legalizing it was a solution …. obviously you changed my mind (although I want to look further into Nevada and how it is working (if it is) there) …. so what do you think would help remove the horrors of today’s prostitution? I know you mentioned poverty but I dont see that as a fix in the foreseeable future.

          • Jennfer France says

            Obviously, that’s not working and hasn’t for several thousand years. You have valid points but no viable solution that I can see.

          • says

            Making theft illegal hasn’t worked to cease stealing or organized crime for several thousand years, but it’s still illegal.

          • Jennfer France says

            You’re right – the perp knows the consequences and makes a decision – but there’s more to it that that because making guns illegal wont stop a murderer from killing but simply make it easier – but that’s another can of worms, right? :)
            … currently the larger percentage of arrests involve the prostitutes with the johns and pimps rarely a part of the process – something better has to be done, Eric … I’m still reviewing the situation overseas. I find a lot of support for what you say about the problems with legalizing this. However, I see nothing on what happened to have this problem escalate. Was their government lazy? What regulations were put in place and how strictly were they followed?
            I’m by no means saying you are completely wrong in your beliefs – I just wish to review the cause of the fire rather than simply put the fire out. What went wrong and can *that* be corrected? If not, then is there something that’s missing in the equation or is it simply not something that should be considered (legalizing prostitution)?
            You’ve been wonderful, Eric – thank you for your responses

          • says

            Thank you!

            You are right about how johns and pimps are not part of the arrest process, moreover, prostitutes are often treated more like criminals than victims — furthering the problem. :-/ Making prostitution illegal is not the catch-all solution, it is far more complex than that.


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