Mumford and Sons Music Video & Gay Issues

Mumford and Sons Hopeless Wanderer Music Video

The latest Mumford and Sons music video Hopeless Wanderer has left me hopelessly wandering for some understanding.

Directed by writer-director Sam Jones, this latest video uses A-list comedians to represent each of the band members and has been viewed by at least 2.8 million people after just three days.

But it isn’t the popularity of a Mumford and Sons video that has me confused or even the star studded A-list comedians who participated.

Why Is Gay Funny?

From near the start of the video, you begin to get the feeling that two of the band members are particularly ‘fond’ of one another. Eventually, they dive into one another in a seemingly passionate kiss.

Why is being gay so funny?

I was a little surprised to see social network friends “LOL” and share this video, who also happen to believe that participating in same-sex relationships is sinful. Is sin funny?

But wait, there’s more.

What about those who support same-sex relationships? Why would this be considered funny? Someone who believes that this is “normal” and knowing that the LGBT community has undergone some fairly severe persecution in the past, why would they condone a mockery?

The humor, here, escapes me.

[Due to the continued profanity and hatefulness of the comments that continue to be submitted, we have closed the comments. I wish everyone could have been as thoughtful as John. #sadpanda]

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times


  1. VoxVulgus says

    Agreed. After first seeing the video, I searched for the back story – where there rumors? was there a history of awkward moments in prior videos? What exactly were they making fun of? When I eventually concluded it was just because the kiss was same-sex, I went from baffled to surprised – the actors involved should definitely know better.

  2. Janet says

    I found it funny do to the fact of its unexpectedness! Not mockery, or judgement, or slander. Just a reaction to a random moment.

  3. says

    DISGUSTING I am running out of appropriate music to enjoy. A halfway decent song was ruined by gay acts. Why does practically everything these days have to remind God fearing,Christ believing Christians that GAYS HAVE RIGHTS? kEEP IT ON THE DOWN LOW ALREADY!!!

  4. John... says

    I am a gay man, but I do not consider myself a part of the so called “LGBT community” of self appointed people who falsely claim to represent all of us. Believe it or not, but a lot of us gay people do not fit into your limited education about us, which you get from the media, who is only interested in promoting what has some kind of shock value. Gay people are just as diverse as heterosexual people, but the population only gets to see a certain segment of our population on TV etc., which limits what others really know about us. I and others like me do not waste our time purposely looking for things to be offended by, we have lives to live and enjoy.

    I am also not a fan of Mumford and Sons, but I did happen to see the video and found it to be amusing and the lyrics to the song very insightful.

    As for the so called “Christians” who think we and others they have a problem with should just hide and not show ourselves for who we are; The same goes for you. You can be just as obnoxious as anyone else with your religious rhetoric and pompousness. If you had any real faith in what you believe then you should be able to just pray your problems away and have faith in that working. We are all sinners and each of us has our own road to travel, making choices based on the free will that God gifted each of us and didn’t put you or anyone else in charge of. I suggest you spend more time cleaning up your own house instead of working so hard at being hypocrites.

  5. John... says

    I just had to revisit this blog because it is so ridiculous and I figured it really needed to be sorted out for no other reason than to maybe educate a few ignorant people if that’s at all possible.

    So many people these days are so twisted, wrapped up in and perhaps addicted to purposely searching out something\anything in order to claim they are offended by it. Even a so called “human rights advocate” writer has apparently sunk to being so desperate for blog topics that they will latch on to anything they can spin into something it’s not for what seems like the lack of any real talent in their profession.

    As a gay man I have to ask: How does a man kissing another man in a music video (for humor sake) have anything to do with homosexuality? There were no sex acts performed in the video, no mention of sex, the word gay was not used nor were there any rainbow flags being waved.

    Men kissing other men has been a part of some cultures in the world for centuries. Even Judas is said to have kissed Jesus in the bible. Were Judas and Jesus gay? Were the writers of the Bible attempting to make fun of gay people? Oh my!!! how offensive the Bible is, let’s ban it lol!

    The fact is: (according to an interview with the band leader) the comedians used in this video were merely making fun of guys in bands who are very close friends and are said to be in what is popularly known as a “bromance”, which is nothing more than a very close, non sexual relationship shared between two guy best friends, who could be heterosexual or homosexual, makes no difference. The band leader had nothing to do with the making of the video and was just as surprised and amused by it as anyone who is sane and understands it for what it really is.

    Just because gay guys may kiss each other doesn’t mean that gays or the LGBT so called “community” own or have copyright on the act of a men kissing other men.

    The author of this blog should be ashamed of themselves for jumping to conclusions, not bothering to research what they chose to write about or knowing, but still choosing to spin it in order to create strife for the sake of strife. Also; people who are so easily baited like this need to get a mind of their own to think with.

    It’s a damn shame how poisoned the minds of so many people have become these days. As a gay man myself I do not need some so called “human rights” advocates like this speaking out on my behalf.

    Thank you, but no thank you.

    • says

      In no way shape or form am I speaking on your behalf. I think you’ve done a great job all on your own. :)

      As for your comparison of cultural kissing to this video, I think that’s a stretch. I kiss men in the culture I live in every day, and in now way shape or form is it done like what’s portrayed in the video. On that, I’ll have to disagree.

      On another note, I would like to point out that I was the one who referred to the hypocrisy of those who “LOLed”, while also being against same-sex relationships. Furthermore, there was no jumping to conclusions—mostly asking questions. Questions you’ve supplied answers to. Thank you for sharing, John, you’re thoughts are welcomed dialogue.

  6. John... says

    Thanks you for the reply Eric.

    I appreciate the fact that men of your culture kiss each other and nowhere in my post did I suggest they kissed in the same manner as in that video.

    My point is: The act of men kissing other men is not a monopoly held by gay guys. Many people who are not familiar with the practices of your culture might see you kiss another man of your culture and in their ignorance immediately think or say “that’s gay” or something along those lines.

    Asking questions is fine, but asking people who have nothing to do with what you are asking about only stirs up speculation and ignorant assumption. In other words it’s called gossiping, which is not an innocent past time. If you have a question then why not research the source of your question first and then ask questions about the facts you found.

    You say you are a writer and an advocate of human rights. Given that I would expect you to be professional about it and find out the facts first before reacting and or asking others who have nothing to do with what happened their (based on nothing of value) speculative opinions. Otherwise who are you to decide that you know whether someone’s human rights are being violated or not? Without being armed with facts you could be on the wrong side, unknowingly helping to violate someone else’s human rights.