How Much Money Does the United States Spend on Fireworks?


The amount of money the United States spends on fireworks every 4th of July in honor of Independence Day, may surprise you.

I was shocked.

Here’s just about everything you ever wanted to know about fireworks during the July 4th holiday:

fourth of july 4th independence day fireworks money spent

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With a nation in debt and a world full of needs, it makes you question the wisdom of burning-up $600 million in one day, doesn’t it?

SOURCE: H&R Block | IMAGE: Tracy Lee Carroll


  1. David Byrne says

    On September 11th 2011 the whole world fell to its knees, together with the United States of America, in the face of Terror (with a capital ‘T’) which blew up the Twin Towers, causing a Terrifying and InHumane spectacle resulting in the deaths of over 3000 people.
    We may well remember just how fragile we felt then, collectively, as members of the Human Race and we may also continue to recall the continuing cost, in terms of human loss and grief, to the hundreds of thousands of families who remain very sorely afflicted by this atrocity (not to mention the many other evils and ills which have been visited upon the world).
    Why Oh Why, I ask, do we waste so many millions of $$$$$$ on lighting up the skies with fireworks which are so short-lived when we could so much more easily and meaningfully put all that money to better use in the building up of our society, in the building and maintaining of hospitals, hospices for the dying, Gift of Life Houses & Hostels for patients and families awaiting heart, liver, lung, kidney transplants….(to name just a few of our blatent needs)
    How is it that we cannot communally be more responsible, and responsive, towards the needs of people who cry out for our life-saving help?


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