FL School Passes Out Satanic Activity Books


It all started with Bibles being passed out at school. A student lead and initiated campus organization that made free Bibles available for students.

In an effort to challenge student’s right to exercising their religious beliefs, “The Satanic Temple” (along with the help of the Freedom from Religion Foundation) decided to pass around their own material to promote pluralism:

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Carrying the Weight of Rape [Video]

Emma Sulkowicz with Mattress

Emma Sulkowicz was raped in her dorm room, but has taken that horrific instance and turned it towards something amazing.

In an effort to protest Columbia University’s sexual assault policy, this performance art major performed a live art piece title, “Mattress Performance” or “Carry That Weight.”

Here’s her story:

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An Adrian Peterson Jersey I Would Wear

Adrian Peterson playing

Minnesota Viking star running back Adrian Peterson was benched last week because of child abuse charges.

I’ll forgo the gory details, you can read more in this Forbes news story about Peterson’s unlawful actions of you want to know more.

Awkwardly enough, some fans wore Peterson jersey’s in support of him—while this clever fan did this:

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