Behind the Brands

Behind the Brands Screenshot

Walk into a grocery store in America (and much of Europe) and you’ll find plenty of products to chose from. In fact, the average American supermarket has more than 38,000 products!

While there may be plenty of selections, did you know that most of these products are owned by only 10 companies?

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Tegu Brings Sustainable Change in Honduras

Tegu 42-Piece Set

Tegu is a revolutionary new toy that won’t be cool today and in a landfill tomorrow. It’s the kind of toy that you invest in today, and see your grandkids play with tomorrow.

And speaking of landfills, Tegu is not only a high-quality toy that won’t end-up in one, but it’s also helping those working in the landfills of Honduras find a better place to work.

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Hunger King


Jani Leinonen is a Finnish artist who is making a bold statement about the homeless of Hungary.

Hungary has passed a number of laws that criminalizes homelessness, something that does nothing to relieve the problem. In fact, it can make the problem even worse as it pushes the poverty stricken of Hungary in a negative cycle of jail time, fines and penalties that will eventually lead many into prisons.

The artist says,

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Where In the World Is Joseph Kony?

koy 2012 image

It’s been a few years since Invisible Children decided to make Joseph Kony a household name — to make him infamous.

It was a great idea. A creative tactic to put an end to the terror that Joesph Kony has incited for a very long time. But years later and even with the United States getting involved in trying to track him down, where are we now? Where is Joseph Kony?

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