jesus on the cross

As we remember Good Friday, today, we can look at this timetable of events and remember them throughout the day:

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ERLC Releases E-book on Questions Related to Culture and Ethics Image

Our world is full of tough questions, so getting some help in answering those tough questions is always helpful. Moreover, it is important for Christians to get biblically based answers to these tough questions.

Here’s a free resource that will be sure to help you out:

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medical team

While the developed world struggles to keep medical care affordable, the developing world is struggling to have medical care at all. One contributing factor to this is the shortage of doctors. It’s not cheap or easy to become a doctor, so it’s difficult for someone growing up in a developing country to afford the education in the first place, no matter how driven or intelligent they are.

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Happy Screen

This past month was World Down Syndrome Day and this excellent video was released in celebration, using Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.

Take a watch, your day will be better for it:

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business chart showing success

Paying taxes in the United States is a far more political subject than a civic activity.

It is hardly ever thought of as a means of good roads, quality law enforcement, and a communal means of caring for the less fortunate.

Curious to know how much and who is really carrying the tax burden in the United States, I decided to Google it. Here’s what I found:

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brazilian police

With the World Cup and the Olympics coming to Brazil, the current state of the Brazilian State has come into focus. Trafficking and poverty — which often go hand-in-hand — is something that could end-up being changed for the better. You would hope that as Brazil is “cleaned-up” for the upcoming games, it would not only leave a lasting economic impression, but an overall betterment of the people in Brazil. But, as the start of the games grows increasingly close, it is looking more and more like this is not the case.

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angelina jolie image

Say what you want about celebrities, Angelina Jolie has taken up a cause that is worth fighting for.

Jolie is fighting for the justice of thousands of women who survived Bosnia’s mass rapes.

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Akon Lighting Africa

Eric Dye —  April 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

Akon Power in Africa

One major hurdle that faces Africa is the lack of electricity.

To do something as simple as a home project, someone living in the West simply plugs-in a power tool and doesn’t give it a second thought. In the developing world, however, this isn’t the case. While kerosene lamps and candles are reserved for emergency use in the developed world, there are those who find them commonplace.

Thankfully, Akon Lighting Africa is aiming to change this tide that faces places like Africa.

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Lost Screen

With a mix of eye catching video, profound words from John Piper, and dramatic music, this video reminds us of the unreached peoples groups of Asia…

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upsee logo

Invented by an awesome mom, the Upsee makes it possible for children with disabilities to walk, run and play — with a little help from mom or dad.

This is marvelous:

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