Italy Breaking the Slave Trade Screen

You would hardly ever think that Italy and Africa had such a strong connection, but they do.

While being a part of two separate continents, there is a strong bond between these two radically different places:

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South Sudan Conflic

The South Sudan in Africa is undergoing severe turmoil as waring groups rip the country apart.

Even hospitals and those receiving hospital care have fallen prey to this conflict.

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pope francis

Pope Francis met with four women who had been trafficked and forced into prostitution, aka: sex trafficking.

“Francis attended a Vatican conference of church workers, charity representatives and police chiefs from 20 nations, Interpol and Europol who pledged greater cooperation to prevent trafficking and encourage its victims to come forward to police.”

The former sex slaves where from Argentina, Chile, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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The Cleveland Indians mascot — along with others — has been a subject of controversy for years.

During this year’s season opener, a group gathered near the Cleveland Indians stadium to protest, but things took an uncanny twist as a fan wearing full headdress and face-paint decided to approach the group and argue his case for using Native Americans as a team mascot:

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The Power of Autism

Eric Dye —  April 20, 2014 — 2 Comments


It’s funny how obsessed we become on everyone being the same, not allowing for what’s ‘different’ or ‘just like us.’

In living overseas, you tend to notice this more I think. Or at least you notice it more if you’re just a regular guy like me. What you ‘think’ is normal is suddenly not normal and your eyes begin to open up the fact that most people are extremely uncomfortable with those who are unlike themselves.

Perhaps that is why people ‘freak out’ over what we deem as ‘disabilities’ or ‘challenges’?

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Walmart Slate Video Screen

What would happen if Walmart paid a living wage to all of its employees?

The answer may shock you:

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jesus on the cross

As we remember Good Friday, today, we can look at this timetable of events and remember them throughout the day:

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ERLC Releases E-book on Questions Related to Culture and Ethics Image

Our world is full of tough questions, so getting some help in answering those tough questions is always helpful. Moreover, it is important for Christians to get biblically based answers to these tough questions.

Here’s a free resource that will be sure to help you out:

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medical team

While the developed world struggles to keep medical care affordable, the developing world is struggling to have medical care at all. One contributing factor to this is the shortage of doctors. It’s not cheap or easy to become a doctor, so it’s difficult for someone growing up in a developing country to afford the education in the first place, no matter how driven or intelligent they are.

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Happy Screen

This past month was World Down Syndrome Day and this excellent video was released in celebration, using Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.

Take a watch, your day will be better for it:

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